Monday, 12 January 2009

Don’t use the internet to save the environment

Apparently, google searches use up as much energy as is needed to boil water in a kettle for a cup of tea. This is because a great deal of energy is needed to run the servers from which data is mined and served to you. Applying the same logic, even sending an email must require energy since various servers are involved. Call it the demise of one of my last illusions, that the internet is eco-friendly. I wonder what’s less harmful to the environment – snail mail or email?


Manoj Joseph said...

And this is Google's response

Winnowed said...

Thanks a lot Manoj. Google's response makes a lot of sense. I feel relieved, less guilty. I was wondering if I should give up blogging, just to save the planet!!

On a different (and less flippant) note, may I suggest you put your time in B to better use than commenting on your brother's blog?