Saturday, 7 February 2009

Christians Respond to the Atheist Bus Campaign

I have blogged about the Atheist Bus Campaign earlier here and here.

In response to the Atheist Bus Campaign, three Christian groups have launched, counter-campaigns that say, well, (what else do you expect?) that God exists.

The Trinitarian Bible Society is running a £35,000 campaign which will put posters on 100 London buses with a quote from Psalm 53 that reads: "The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God."

The London-based “Russian Hour” satellite TV channel, supported by the Russian Orthodox Church is paying for adverts on 25 London buses in March that will feature a photograph of a monastery as well as the slogan: 'There is God, believe! Don't Worry. Enjoy your life!' Alexander Korobko, the head of Russian Hour says that ‘We are living in a difficult time, when crisis is being extensively promoted, and people need some life-asserting message.’

The Christian Party, is to run adverts on 50 bendy buses that proclaim: 'There definitely is a God. So join The Christian Party and enjoy your life.' George Hargreaves, the Head of the Christian Party has admitted that the Christian party's campaign is part of its preparation for the European Elections in June this year. Hargreaves says that ‘what the atheists have done through their campaign is provided the Christian party with an irresistible opportunity to both proclaim the existence of God and promote the existence of the Christian party.’

‘Thank God for atheists,’ Hargreaves adds.

I wonder how the atheists would respond to it. I just can’t see them saying, ‘Thank God for the believers!’

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