Friday, 6 February 2009

M.P!! Where The Hell Are You?

We elect professional politicians to represent us in Parliament. We expect them to take up cudgels on our behalf if we have been short-changed by the government or anyone else. I say ‘expect’, though I ought to be saying ‘hope’ rather. M.P.s in Europe have a much better record of standing up for their constituents than the ones I’ve known in India . I’m sure all of us have experienced occasions when we’ve been let down by our elected representatives. We shrug and move on. But not Mr. John Taylor, an eight four year old man from London, who has taken his M.P. to court for not doing enough to get him compensation for a wrongful conviction in 1962. You can find more details here:

I’m not sure how the courts will rule in this case, but I think Taylor has set a brilliant example for all of us to follow. An M.P or any other elected politician is a professional meant to do a job, not unlike a lawyer or a doctor or a software engineer. If a doctor gives you the wrong treatment and you suffer on account of his negligence, wouldn’t you sue him? Similarly, why can’t you sue an M.P or M.L.A for being too lazy?

I am now making a list of things I want my M.P to do something about.

1. My telephone connection hasn’t been very good in the last one week
2. I ought to get a tax refund
3. The train which takes me to work is usually late
4. It’s been snowing too much in the last few days
5. My dinner is getting cold

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