Friday, 10 April 2009

How to Throw a Shoe, Miss and Make Money

Jarnail Singh, a journalist, threw a shoe at P. Chidambaran, the Indian Home Minister in protest at the Indian government’s inaction towards those guilty of the anti-Sikh riots and killings after Indira Gandhi’s assassination. Initial reports said that Chidambaram ducked the throw and then told the security men (without losing his composure) to deal with Jarnail Singh gently, following which Singh was let off with just an admonition.

My admiration for Chidambaram went up by many notches since I had no idea that he was as athletic as Bush who also managed to successfully duck in time when two shoes were hurled at him during a press conference, by Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zeidi.

However I changed my opinion after I saw this video which shows Jarnail Singh sitting in the front row facing Chidambaram and make an underarm throw which looks as if it was intended to miss. Jarnail Singh’s throw is nowhere as ferocious or powerful as that of Muntadar al-Zeidi.

No, I’m not blaming Jarnail Singh for missing, for if he had hit the target, he would not be a free man today. The Shiromani Akalai Dal has awarded Jarnail Singh Two Hundred Thousand Rupees for this daring act.

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