Wednesday, 5 May 2010

What’s To Be Done With The Catholic Church? – Part II

Around three weeks ago, I had blogged about the child abuse controversy plaguing the Catholic Church. In my previous post, I had wondered if the Catholic Church’s celibacy rule played a role in making child abusers of priests. I mean, there are child abusers all over the world. Mostly men, they form a very small portion of the world’s population. Statistically, it is inevitable that some Catholic priests will be child abusers, just as some teachers, some policemen and some doctors will be found among that roll of disgusting people. It is even more inevitable that a child abuser is likely to be someone who has access to children and who is trusted by them.

Can we say that Catholic priests are more prone to abuse children than other sections of the population? I mean, just because a man is forced to remain celibate, can it be said that he is more likely to ‘turn’ into a child abuser?

Here’s a very interesting article on the BBC which says that the answer to all the above questions is No.

As this article rightly says, the problem which most of us have with the Catholic Church is not just that the abuses took place, but that there was a serious attempt to deny them and to cover them up. This problem goes right up to the top (of the Church).

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