Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Tariq Aziz’s Only Crime – To Be A Secular Baathist

Tariq Aziz, born Mikhail Yuhanna, has been sentenced to death by an Iraqi court. His only crime – to belong to the Baath Party. I have always thought that the Baath Party is the best thing to have been invented in the Arab political world since election ink – please see my earlier post on the Baath Party.

It’s high time the witch hunt against former Baathists was called off. With a Shia dominated government, this is unlikely to happen. Saddam had many faults, but they did not arise on account of his Baathist ideology. It’s such a pity that the US invasion of Iraq has caused power to shift from the secular Baathists to a Shia dominated government. Parliamentary elections held in March 2010 were inconclusive and Iraq’s Shia parties look set to continue in power, with some help from Iran.

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