Thursday, 3 February 2011

Gifting Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood

President Mubarak wants to leave on his own terms (by early autumn) and has rallied his supporters who are now clashing with the pro-democracy protestors. The army is standing by, playing neutral. It is understandable that Mubarak and his cohorts will not want to give up all that they have and go into exile without putting up a fight. The West, for its own selfish reasons, has not demanded that Mubarak should leave immediately. The violence has been escalating and I can see only one winner, namely the Muslim Brotherhood. Until now, it has kept a low profile, but now the protestors are bound to turn to the Muslim Brotherhood, the only organised opposition in Egypt, for help. And help they will. They will help the pro-democracy protestors fight Mubarak’s goons. After that, they will help themselves to power.

If ever there was a slim hope that Egypt will end up with a moderate leader like El Baradei, it’s almost gone. If only the West would have common sense to cut its losses and call for Mubarak’s ouster, Egypt could go Turkey’s route. Now it is more likely to end up as a Sunni version of Iran.

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