Monday, 19 March 2012

How did Prabhakaran and his family die?

How did Velupillai Prabhakaran die?
How did Mathivathani Erambu die?
How did Duwaraka Prabhakaran die?
How did Balachandran Prabhakaran die?

In May 2009, the bodies of Prabhakaran’s wife Mathivathani Erambu, his daughter Duwaraka and second son Balachandran were recovered from near the Nandikadal lagoon. At that time there were so many theories regarding their deaths. At first, it was reported by DBS jeyaraj that it was possible that Prabhakaran and many of his associates had consumed cyanide and also triggered off a huge explosion that destroyed their bodies. Later, it was announced by the Sri Lankan government that Velupillai Prabhakaran had been shot dead by the army as he and senior leaders Soosai and Pottu Amman sought to flee from the encircling Sri Lankan army in an armour plated ambulance. The rumours flew thick and fast. It was said, with some credibility, that Prabhakaran had been betrayed by an insider, captured alive and shot dead, execution style.

Dushy Ranetunge, a Sri Lankan journalist based in London, had at that time taken the view that Prabhakaran and his entire family had been executed by the Lankan army.

Now Channel IV has came up with the second part of its documentary on the Killing Fields of Sri Lanka and it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that Prabhakaran and his second son Balachandran, age 12, were captured and executed by the Sri Lankan army. Apparently 12 year old Balachandran had been sent out with five bodyguards to surrender. Instead, he was taken prisoner, interrogated, forced to reveal his father’s whereabouts, made to watch the execution of those five bodyguards and then executed. Based on information provided by Balachandan, Prabhakaran himself was later captured and killed by a single shot to the back on his head from close range. Do watch the second part of the Channel IV documentary on the Killing Fields of Sri Lanka. About 29 minutes into the documentary, the bit about Balachandran comes up, followed by some information about Prabhakaran’s execution.

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