Friday, 4 May 2012

Goodbye Sahayaks!

In February 2009, I wrote an article on the shortage on officers in the Indian army, calling for more promotions from the ranks. I also chided the authorities for still following the old colonial tradition of assigning jawans to officers’ homes to work as batmen or Sahayaks. I received a fair amount of flak for my views but yesterday I was delighted to read that the army has now decided to put an end to the system of assigning soldiers to perform personal work for officers. Apparently 30,000 combatants, more than an Army Corps strength, are believed to be deployed to assist serving officers and their families as part of the buddy system.

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Unknown said...

General VK Singh is indeed a courageous officers who has dared one and all and forwarded the recommendation for abolishing the system of sahyaks.

Congratcs General Vijay Kumar Singh