Saturday, 11 August 2012

The CBI should apologise to the Talwars and compensate them

I was shocked to read this report which says that The CBI sleuths had created, for some "specific purpose", an email ID in the name of slain domestic help Hemraj to interact with dentist couple Rajesh and Nupur Talwar during the probe of Aarushi-Hemraj murder case, the agency said on Thursday.

The CBI, which had earlier denied that email id '' was used to call Talwars for questioning, is now saying that the ID was created for some "specific purpose" which they refused to explain.

"I am told by the concerned officers that the email ID was created to interact with Talwars for some specific purpose during the investigation," CBI spokesperson Dharini Mishra said in New Delhi. She refused to elaborate on this saying the matter is sub-judice.

I’m pretty sure the CBI doesn’t have a half-decent excuse for this action, which can only be termed as mental torture. Maybe the concerned officers thought they were waging psycho-warfare on the accused! There can be no justification for behaviour of this nature. I used to be under the impression that the CBI subscribed to a higher standard of behaviour than state police departments, that they understood the law in letter and spirit. I was wrong! The CBI should be forced to apologise to the Talwars who deserve compensation.

14 year old Aarushi Talwar was found murdered in August 2008. A few days later, the family’s live-in manservant Hemraj was also found murdered. Soon the police arrested Aarushi’s parents Rajesh and Nupur Talwar, both of whom are doctors. The police theory is that Aarushi was having some sort of affair with Hemraj and her murder was an act of honour killing by her parents. The only evidence against the Talwars is circumstantial. The CBI which took over the investigation from the Noida police claims that the initial investigation was sloppy and evidence was destroyed.

Some time in January 2011, Rajesh Talwar was attacked outside a courthouse by a young man with a cleaver. The attacker was apparently upset that the Talwars hadn’t been convicted.

I believe the Talwars are innocent. I find it inconceivable that they would have murdered their only child solely because they caught her having sex with Hemraj.

In this country, every one is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Even if the CBI believes the Talwars are guilty of the two murders, if it is incapable of proving their guilt in a court of law, it should stop hounding the Talwars and should let them go free.

And yes, the Talwars should be compensated for the mental agony they were subjected to by the CBI.


sonalmattoohelping hands said...

I have always maintained this case lacks evidence to hold the parents guilty.
Badly handled by every agency. Media, police, courts and CBI

O'Malley said...

I absolutely agree the case against the Talwars should be dropped and they should be compensated. It is deplorable they way they have been treated. There is no real evidence, no motive to convict them. Even the story about Aarushi and Hemraj being in some kind of objectionable/compromising position is a figment of some sexually repressed Noida police officers imagination - there's not one bit of conclusive evidence to back it up.

Vishal Kale said...

Well said...

I am also in agreement.... this entire case stinks! And as regards the way it has been handled, the less said the better

Winnowed said...

Thanks Sonal, O'Malley and Vishal. Do you think we should start a signature campaign? All those who think this case has taken too long and feel the Talwars are probably innocent should sign a petition to be presented to the Minister for Law & Justice requesting him to stop further prosecution.

Arvind said...

I am always amazed by the rapists and murderers in parliament while innocent people are prosecuted. How can these people sleep in peace?