Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Shrien Dewani is still rich

Remember Shrien Dewani, the gay, millionaire, Briton of Indian origin who was accused of orchestrating his newly wed wife's murder during their honeymoon, but later found innocent? Well, he continues to be a millionaire. Despite the possible distractions of an agonising trial and so many people (including me) pointing fingers at him, his firm PSP Holdings made a profit of £11m in 2015 and £4.5m in 2016!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Never again, will we fight your wars for you, Imran tells the US

Imran Khan has declared that if ever he becomes the ruler of Pakistan, he will ensure that Pakistan does not fight USA's wars. Or allow itself to be used as a condom and thrown away when not needed. No, he didn't say all that, but he could have. In any event, I don't see Imran ever coming to power in Pakistan and so he can safely say whatever he likes. 

Friday, 11 August 2017

Pakistan's Mother Teresa Dies

Dr Ruth Pfau, a German doctor popularly known as Pakistan's 'Mother Teresa', died on Thursday at a private hospital in Karachi. She was 87.

Dr. Pfau had dedicated her life to eradicate leprosy in Pakistan.

Dr. Pfau had originally been assigned to travel to India, but landed in Karachi for a brief stay due to some visa problems.

Guam's Governor backs Donald Trump's fiery rhetoric

The Governor of Guam, the US territory threatened with attack by North Korea, has backed Donald Trump's fiery rhetoric toward the nuclear-armed nation, saying that a President who whole-heartedly embraces forceful retaliation over attacks on US territory is "what I want".

Here are ten other reasons to avoid Guam.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Is Chloe Ayling Lying?

British glamour model Chloe Ayling claimed to have been abducted and held hostage for six days after being lured to Milan for a bogus photo shoot by a gang who intended to auction her as a sex slave.  20-year-old Chloe Ayling was only freed when her captors realised she had a baby son back home in London. Chloe claimed to have been injected with a drug and hidden in a bag in the boot of a car before later on, during her captivity, becoming aware she was being auctioned for sale on the Dark Web for £270,000.

After six days of captivity, Chloe was taken to the British consulate in Milan by one of her captors, Polish-born Lukasz Herba, 30, from Oldbury in the West Midlands. Herba was promptly arrested himself. Chloe claimed that neither Herba nor any other captor sexually assaulted her.

Now questions are being raised about the veracity of Chloe's claims since it appears that Herba took Chloe shopping during her abduction. Italian police have admitted that they are looking into the possibility that Chloe and Herba may have been collaborating, though they do not have clearcut proof.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Corrupt Zuma Survives

South African President Jacob Zuma survived a no-confidence vote in parliament yesterday. Everybody knows that Zuma is corrupt, yet he survives. He is even popular in SA. In that, he is very similar to a number of Indian politicians who are openly corrupt, yet popular. Corruption in developing countries is a form of feudalism. The corrupt politician milks off from the nation’s coffers to feed his own constituency. Many voters expect their political leaders to be corrupt and pass on some of the spoils. This will change only when the population becomes more educated and aware. India and SA, miles to go before we get there!

Who’s helping the Taliban?

The Taliban are fanatic Sunnis and one wouldn't expect Shia Iran to help them. There are reports that Iran is actually doing just that, but that's Breitbart news, which is not very credible.


What is credible is this CNN report that Russia is helping the Taliban, its erstwhile enemy!!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Book Review: No Strings Attached, by Sheila Kumar

Reading a Mills and Boon novel has been on my bucket list for the last twenty years or so, ever since I knew enough about books to be snooty about them. No, No Strings Attached has not been brought out by Mills and Boon, far from it, but hey, I can recognize the real McCoy when I run into it, especially because the author Sheila Kumar has dedicated her latest book to her M & B gang.

Keep your prejudices aside, I had strictly instructed myself before I waded in and was hit with two perfect human specimens. Half English Nina Sabharwal is everything a hetrosexual man would look for in a woman and Samar Pratap Singh is a case of Adonis meeting a young version of that chap from Bridges of Madison County, with a big dose of royalty thrown in. Yes, Samar Singh, aka Heartbreak Singh belongs to a royal family from Jaisalmer and is rolling in money and does not really have to work hard for a living (as a world famous photographer), but he does.

At times I did wonder why two perfect human specimens who are engulfed in love, desire and admiration for each other have to put themselves through so much trauma and grief, delusion and self-deprivation before they do the only sensible thing in the given circumstances, but hey, love does conquer all, but one should expect hurdles on the way. A lot of hurdles.

No Strings Attached is written in simple English, without too much frills, the sort which gets you to the meat of the story, very much akin to the way Samar and Nina strip each others’ clothes off and ….

I believe Sheila Kumar used to be a full-time journalist and No Strings Attached is set in the world of Indian journalism. If you are familiar with this world, you may recognize a few characters, but that shouldn’t distract you from enjoying this splendid romantic thriller, which is dying to be made into a classy movie, a Hollywood movie - the sensibilities are too sophisticated for Bollywood.